Hi! I'm Drussila Hollanda-Grönberg and I'm a Brazilian located in Helsinki, Finland.

I'm quite new to this Surface Pattern Design world but I'm passionate about it already! It all started when I was looking for viking-themed baby clothes/items for my son and couldn't find anything I liked. It turned out to be the best excuse to create something myself!

Then I signed up for a couple of online courses that taught me the basics to get started and boy, am I having fun! Not only it feels great to express my creativity visually, I also love patterns' "puzzle-solving" aspect and how rewarding it feels to see something digital trasnferred onto an actual product.

I'm still searching my own style, but I can already say I always end up somewhere with stylized shapes, colors and playful themes. 

If you'd like to collaborate or simply say hello, don't be shy! Send me a message and tell me about you too :)

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